Sophomore Elena Lipman goes for a lay-up in the fourth quarter of the game against Leroy Greene Academy High School, Dec. 8. The Cavs won the match 42-9.

Girls’ basketball decimates Leroy Greene Academy

The girls’ basketball team decimated Leroy Greene Academy High School at home Dec. 8, 42-9.

Sophomore Natalie Brown said that the Cavs scored such a decisive victory because this was the first basketball team Leroy Greene has ever had. This was also the team’s first game of the season.

“We just had a lot more experience than (the other team),” Brown said.

This was the first game for freshmen Katia and Annya Dahmani, who decided to join the team after the season began.

Both Dahmanis have played on the school teams for the past four years.

“I also really wanted to play because I enjoy the sport,” Katia said.

Starters included seniors Micaela Bennett-Smith and Isabella Tochterman, Brown and freshmen Yasmin Gupta and Esme Romo.

The first quarter was the strongest for the Cavs, ending 18-0.

Tochterman, Gupta, Brown and Bennett-Smith all scored in the quarter.

The girls continued their intensity in the second quarter, with Gupta scoring a basket in the first 20 seconds.

The Cavs’ defense and offense remained powerful, resulting in the Cavs scoring six baskets and the Lions scoring one.

The Lions were able to shoot a basket with 31 seconds remaining, which made the score 30-2 by the end of the quarter.

The Cavs weren’t as fierce in the third quarter, scoring only three baskets, Gupta scoring two and Tochterman scoring one.

The Lions scored one basket with one minute and eleven seconds remaining, making the score 36-4.

The fourth quarter was similar to the third quarter, with the Cavs scoring three baskets and the Lions scoring two baskets and one free throw.

Sophomores Anny Schmidt and Elena Lipman and Tochterman all scored one basket in the quarter, thus the final score of 42-9.

Tochterman scored 10 points, Annya 8 points, Gupta 6 points, Brown 6 points, Bennett-Smith 4 points, Katia 4 points, Schmidt 2 points and Lipman 2 points.

Brown said that the strongest part of the Cavs’ game was their ball movement and communication.

“We were able to get everyone on the team to attempt to score by finding them on the court and setting them up for a lay up,” she said.

The girls’ next game will be against Global Youth Friday, Dec. 12, at Redding Christian at 3:40.

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