Sophomores Aidan Cunningham and Adam Dean cheer for the girls at the first playoff game against Victory Christian.

Girls’ varsity volleyball sweeps first round of playoffs, 3-0

The first round of the varsity volleyball team’s playoffs began on Nov. 11 against Victory Christian. The Cavs won in straight sets, 3-0.

“I’m nervous and excited for playoffs,” junior Jenny Kerbs said before the match. “Our team is prepared, and we’ve been more focused in practice recently.”

And that focus paid off. In the first set, the Cavs won, 25-22. They won 25-19 in the second. And in the final set, the girls had a quick win, 25-13.

Kerbs had a lot of kills during the match.

However, freshman Annya Dahmani thinks the team should have done even better.

“I feel like we could have won by a lot more,” she said after the match. “We also could have had been more energetic.”

Last year, SCDS lost the first round of playoffs to Faith Christian.

Students came to the match on the Veterans Day holiday wearing all white and were enlivened for the whole time, cheering for every SCDS point.

The next round will be Thursday, Nov. 13, when the girls play Stone Ridge Christian School in Merced.

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