The girls' varsity volleyball team warms up before the game.

Varsity volleyball triumphs against Wilton Christian

The varsity volleyball girls won, 3-0, in their match against Wilton Christian, Oct. 22.

The girls got out of class at 3 p.m. to begin warm-up with co-coach Sarah Song. Co-coach Jason Kreps missed the match because he was still away on the sixth-grade trip.

The Cavs were feeling confident before the match because they were familiar with the Patriots.

“We’ve played them before and we won, so I feel optimistic,” freshman Yasmin Gupta said. “Hitting will be most important.”

The Cavs last played the Patriots on Sept. 23 and won, 3-0.

In the first set, the Patriots were in a major rut that they could not get out of, falling back on passing free balls over when they had opportunities to hit.

Meanwhile, the Cavs created quick, powerful plays that won many points. Many parents arrived at the end of the set  to watch the Cavs win, 25-6.

During the break between the first and second sets, Wilton Christian’s coach told her players to get serious.

And they did. The Cavs trailed behind the Patriots in the beginning. Both teams were so desperate to save shanked balls that players went diving into the bleachers and across the official’s desk, although surprisingly no one was hurt.

Eventually, the Cavs won 25-12.

In the third set, both teams put up a real fight. The Cavs had changed their starting lineup and had players start in new uncomfortable positions, so the Patriots racked up a lot of points. The Patriots began creating strong three touch plays and passed to their best hitter.

While the Patriots had some great rallies, the Cavs still won, 25-20.

Throughout the match, Wilton Christian players were hesitant when approaching the ball and didn’t give other players enough room after passing. It was common for a girl to pass and then look distracted and bored as her teammates scrambled to recover.

Mike Pananganan was the main referee for the match. Pananganan has been reffing for six years.

“I think Country Day will do O.K.,” Pananganan said before the match. “I’ve seen a few players from their team before. I had a few players who went here on my club team”

Pananganan said he enjoys reffing because he gets to see new teams and scout out players for his club team.

Ray Garcia, parent of the Patriots’ Gabrielle, had never been to SCDS for his daughter’s games.

“(Wilton Christian’s) biggest strength is their offense,” Garcia said before the match.

This season, the Patriots have won three of six matches.

The next match will be on Thursday, Oct. 23, at 6 p.m. against Buckingham at home.

That match will be on senior night, when the varsity team celebrates all of the senior players. The team will present its only senior, Erin Reddy, with a few presents and surprises before the match.

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