Freshman Yasmin Gupta gives a speech to senior Erin Reddy at the last home game's senior night, Oct. 23.

Varsity volleyball vanquishes Buckingham Knights

The varsity volleyball team conquered Buckingham, 3-0, in their last home match on Oct. 23.

The match was postponed by 20 minutes because the second referee was late.

In the first set, senior Erin Reddy was the first server. The Cavs served a few short serves into the net. The teams tied initially and were easily able to create powerful three touch plays, but the Cavs got a good lead after junior Maddy Judd went on 5-point serving run. The only timeout in the entire match was called by Buckingham in the middle of the first set.

Both teams were very clustered on defense. Whenever the Knights’ middle blocker would jump to block an incoming ball, she would put her hands over the net onto the Cavs’ side; this cost her team quite a few points.

SCDS finished the set by winning 25-14.

In the second set, the Knights let the ball get behind them whenever they hit, which made them lose their balance and sight of the ball. The Knights passed balls over on the first touch and never got low enough. The Knights were bunched up in the defensive positions, so they were unprepared when a ball came over.

Freshman Katia Dahmani went on a 7-point serving streak and junior Aidan Galati on a 6-point run. The Cavs ended the match at 25-9.

In the third and final set, senior Erin Reddy continually setted to junior Jenny Kerbs. Coach Jason Kreps encouraged the girls to mix it up and not to pass to just the same players. Buckingham was able to pass up SCDS’s tips, but couldn’t hold out. The Cavs won 25-16.

SCDS’s next game will be Thursday, Oct. 30, against Faith Christian at 6 p.m.

There are only two matches left until the girls travel to the playoffs.

After the match, the team celebrated Reddy, the only senior. First, coach Sarah Song offered roses to Buckingham’s four seniors. Each player from SCDS had memorized a short speech for Erin. One by one, the players spoke about Reddy’s bubbly energy and competitive spirit and gave her a rose.

After the players finished, Kreps and Song spoke about their history with Reddy. Kreps first met Reddy in seventh grade when he took her and junior Sydney Michel backpacking. When Reddy entered high school, Song and Kreps were sure that she would greatly contribute to the team.

“The team is really going to miss her positive energy,” Song said. “She fills a big hole in the team. I wish her much success in college.”

Reddy received a volleyball signed by all her teammates, money, a pair of fairy wings and a wand. To close the night, the team had a big group hug.

The Cavs played in Buckingham’s first match in Sept. 17 and won, 3-0. Since then, Buckingham has won six of their 10 matches. The Knights are third in the league, and the Cavs are second.

Buckingham’s coach Sara Jablonski is in her second year of coaching.

“I love when the girls begin to develop a real passion for the game,” Jablonski said.

Jennifer Maul, mother of the Knights’ Courtney, said she loves watching competitive players.

“Watching her (Courtney) be a team player is the best,” Maul said. “It’s great to see her learn sportsmanship because it’s a skill for life.”


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