The fifth-grade volleyball team turned out on Oct. 8 to cheer at the girls' varsity game against Faith Christian.

Senior Erin Reddy goes on 17-point serving run against Faith Christian

The varsity volleyball team won 3-1 against Faith Christian, Oct. 7.

Setter Erin Reddy began the match serving. The SCDS girls lost quite a few points by hitting balls out, but eventually focused their strength. Neither team managed more than a 2-point lead. The teams remained closely tied until the very end when SCDS slipped back and lost,  22-25.

SCDS made a comeback and won by a much larger margin in the second set, 25-17. The front-row players for SCDS were excellent at saving Faith Christian’s tips and hits.

In the third set, the Cavs maintained a small lead and won 25-19. The teams hit down balls and had fast plays. Often, SCDS chose to pass the ball over rather than hitting.

In the final match, Faith Christian suffered a wild defeat with a score of 25-3. Reddy began the fourth set with an astonishing 17-point serving run. Faith Christian did not communicate as well as they had in the first few sets. Faith Christian was very good at getting low enough to scoop the ball up, but couldn’t react quickly enough to SCDS’s blocks and tips toward the front row.

SCDS was quieter than usual in the first few sets, while Faith Christian was very loud and aggressive for most of the match. Sometimes Faith Christian’s aggression was angled toward the calls made by the line judges, who were Country Day  JV players.

The fifth-grade volleyball team came to the match to learn about some of the techniques experienced volleyball players use.

Fifth-grader Naymel Munir has been to two of the varsity’s games and is impressed by how advanced the girls are.

“Seeing how they (the varsity players) serve is very helpful,” Munir said.

SCDS will face Faith Christian again in October.

The girls’ next game will be at Sac Adventist at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 9.

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