Country Day’s Div. VI boys’ soccer team to play against El Camino Div. II team

The boys’ soccer team will play El Camino High School “under the lights”  at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 24.

The game will be at El Camino (located at the corner of Eastern Avenue and El Camino Avenue). Admission is $5.

Like all of the team’s games so far, the match will be official, but won’t count towards the league championship (the team has only six games in the season which do).

Playing the Div. II El Camino team will allow the Cavs to determine the relative strength of their team, and the relative strength of the teams in Div. VI, in which the Cavs currently play.

Coach Matt Vargo thinks the Cavs have a genuine shot at victory despite El Camino’s much larger size.

Sophomore Christian Van Vleck thinks the Cavs “can come close, or possibly beat them by a small margin.”


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