Forest Lake soccer game canceled due to poor air quality

The boys’ soccer away game against noted rival Forest Lake Christian School in Auburn was canceled yesterday because of poor air quality.

Senior Micaela Bennett-Smith lives in Penryn, about a half-hour drive from Auburn. She said it was hazy Friday morning, but she couldn’t smell any smoke.

“It wasn’t unbearable,” she said.

Bennett-Smith is currently at the Monterey Jazz Festival with the music department, and couldn’t comment herself on the current air quality.

But she said her father, Gary Smith, told her the air has since gotten worse.

According to Smith, it smells like smoke even inside the house.

“He had to close all the doors because it’s ashy,” she said.

“He said (the air is) the worst he’s ever seen.”

Senior Keegan Crain said he thinks the game will be rescheduled but doesn’t know when.

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