The team gathers for a group huddle in the third set.

Girls’ varsity volleyball demolishes John Adams Academy

The varsity volleyball team won on Sept. 10 against John Adams Academy.

SCDS won the first set, 25-7. Junior Aidan Galati served 12 times in a row.

In the second set, the Cavs again won convincingly,  25-6.

In the final set, SCDS demolished John Adams, 25-2. Junior Maddy Judd had 14 consecutive serves.

“It isn’t fun when the teams are so unevenly matched,” junior Jenny Kerbs said. “We don’t get to work on our skills.”

Baxter, the plastic owl that brings the team good luck, was back at his normal roost at the game.

“Some of us on the team are superstitious, so they think Baxter could have affected the way we played,” Kerbs said. “ I don’t think he did.”

The girls’ next game is Monday, Sept. 14, at 6 p.m. at home against San Juan.

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