In the April 22 game against Western Sierra, junior George Cvetich takes a pitch. (Photo by Jacob Sands)

Q&A: Coaches, players reflect on the ups and downs of spring sports



Favorite moment:

“I liked going to In-n-Out after winning our last game against Faith. I pitched in that game. (Coach Chris) Millsback got really mad because we made the game a lot harder than it needed to be. I think he was more mad when we won that game than when we lost other ones!”

—Junior Ethan Ham, pitcher


“I wish we had made fewer errors and that more people had come to practice and joined the team. Everyone on the team needed to come to the games.”





Favorite moment:

“(My favorite moment was) scoring the goal that tied us with a minute left in the Casa Roble (Fundamental High School) game. We fought really hard and then lost on a last-second goal. It was really sad after the game, but it was the closest we came to a win.”

—Junior Skovran Cunningham, captain


“If I could go back, I would get people to practice on the off season—that’s the only way you can win. Everyone wants to win during the game, but you have to want to win bad enough to practice during the off season.”





The team placed second in their league. Individually, seniors Eric Hilton and Garrett Kaighn and freshman Zane Jakobs ranked fourth, fifth and sixth in league, respectively.

Favorite moment:

“My favorite moment was definitely when I beat (freshman) Zane (Jakobs) at the section final.”

—Senior Eric Hilton, co-captain


“My only regret is that I didn’t play my best at the section final and had an eight on one hole.”




Junior Caroline Mehta competed in the section finals as number two girls’ singles, and sophomore Johann Dias went to the section finals as number one boys’ singles. Freshman Emil Erickson and senior Brandon Paw played boys’ doubles in the finals as well.

Favorite moment:

“I enjoyed the competitiveness of some of the girls that I played. I think this season was generally more challenging than those of previous years.”

—Junior Caroline Mehta, captain


“I wish I had practiced a little bit more. I think I could have won all of my matches throughout the season, but I ended up losing three.”



Senior Sarah Wilks stops the ball at a game against Western Sierra, April 22. The Cavs lost 2-4. (Photo by Kamira Patel)
Senior Sarah Wilks stops the ball at a game against Western Sierra, April 22. The Cavs lost 2-4. (Photo by Kamira Patel)



Favorite moment:

“There were a lot of games that we could have won. Although we lost all the games, we definitely showed that we could have taken the other team. We actually played really good games—we just didn’t win.”

—Junior Melissa Vazquez, co-captain

“The last game was my favorite (where) we took on the number one team. We were ahead 2-1, but they came back and beat us 3-2 with a goal that shouldn’t have been a goal and a final goal in the last five minutes.”

—George Champayne, coach


“I wish people had shown up to games and practices. When players don’t come to games, we don’t play as well. It’s discouraging and then more people decide not to come. It’s a bad cycle.”


“(I wish) the girls were more serious about the season. At one point we had only nine girls in the game. I’ve been (at Country Day) for 20 years, and I don’t want the school to lose the game of soccer. I’m looking forward to coming back next year to a full roster plus.”




Junior Claire Pinson, the sole member of the swim team, placed second in both her events (the 200 individual medley and the 500 freestyle) at the championship final.

Favorite moment:

“My favorite moment was continuing to see my 500 freestyle improve. I swam it last year, and I did much better this year. Seeing continual improvement is really great.”

—Junior Claire Pinson, captain


“I had such a fantastic meet that I couldn’t ask for anything more. But I do wish I had gotten more sleep that week!”




Sophomore Serajh Esmail ran in the track and field league sectionals, the only team member to do so. He ran the 100- and 200-meter races. His times were 12:18 and 24:84, respectively.

Favorite moment:

“(I like it) when everyone shows up. At our first big league meet, all nine were there. The first practice was great, but it was all downhill from there.”

—Nick Domich, coach

“I think this season boasted many great moments, but winning both of my league championship races, which allowed me to go on to sectionals, stood out the most.”

—Sophomore Serajh Esmail, runner


“I wish they showed up to more practices instead of going to Loehmann’s Plaza. Like all Country Day sports, they all want to do something other than practice.”


“If I could do anything differently, I would go back and attend more practices and train harder to get faster. For sure next year will be different.”




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