Here’s the bad news: The ski and snowboard team has few participants and even less snow. But here’s the good news: all team members who have raced will qualify for the state finals.

Freshman Daniel Hernried prepares to race at Heavenly ski resort on Feb. 10. Hernried placed seventh of 19 skiers in DivisionV. (Photo by Jason Kreps)

Freshman Daniel Hernried prepares to race at Heavenly ski resort on Feb. 10. Hernried placed seventh of 19 skiers in Division V. (Photo by Jason Kreps)

Since there are only three male snowboarders, one male skier, and one female skier, all will advance to states as the top three athletes on their teams.

“As long as they show up to two races, they’re qualified to go,” coach Jason Kreps said.

The first race on Jan. 10 was canceled due to lack of snow.

“I couldn’t wait to get up to the slopes,” freshman skier Daniel Hernried said.

But when finally able to race on Jan. 24, Hernried was dis- qualified because one of his skis hit a gate.

Other team members have had bad luck, as well.

Junior snowboarder Skovran Cunningham and freshman snowboarder Aidan Cunningham had their gear stolen out of Skovran’s car after the race on Jan. 24.

(The unlocked car was parked in front of a friend’s house on a small street near the intersection of Fair Oaks Boulevard and Eastern Avenue).

Skovran finished 20th of 24 racers in the race on Feb. 3.

“I had to use my dad’s board in the race and I messed up,” Skovran said.

Kreps also attributes Skovran’s poor performance to the theft.

Aidan also did not place well in the Feb. 3 race, finishing second to last.

“(Aidan) is learning by racing against juniors and seniors,” Kreps said.

Junior snowboarder Ethan Ham has been more successful. Ham finished eighth of 24 snowboarders in the Feb. 3 race. “It’s the best I’ve seen him do. He’s looking pretty good,” Kreps said.

He spoke similarly of Hernried, who finished eighth of 17 skiers on Feb. 3, and was the only freshman in a race full of experienced juniors and seniors.

“He’s doing well for himself,” Kreps said.

Hernried’s times improved at the most recent race on Feb. 10, where he finished eighth of 18 skiers in the first race and seventh of 19 skiers in the second race of the day.

Ham finished 11th of 24 snowboarders in the first race and 16th of 24 in the second. Skovran finished ninth and 10th in the same races. Aidan finished last in each.

Sophomore Amelia Fineberg joined the team for the Feb. 10 race, finishing 11th of 12 skiers.

The boys’ latest races were Feb. 14 and Feb. 17; results were not available at press time.

The team will next race at states, March 2-6.

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