Varsity loses, but JV nabs first (and final) season win against Buckingham

The JV boys’ basketball team wrapped up the season with a 40-25 win over Buckingham Charter on Feb. 18.

“Our shots were going in; so were our defense and free throws,” freshman Christian Van Vleck said.

“We also got the majority of rebounds on our side, which helped a lot.”

When asked what the team did differently, freshman Emil Erickson said, “We freaking won! That’s what we did differently.”

Erickson scored 21 points.

“I never thought we’d win a game. But we pulled out victorious with a great finishing act. I’m going to leave it at that,” said Van Vleck.

Coach Gary Brisco said JV did a lot better in this game, and that it was a big step up from losing every other game this season.

“I’m very proud of those guys for the way they stayed with it and played hard even though they weren’t that good,” Brisco said. “They really overcame obstacles this season.”

Varsity, however, got the short end of the stick. The boys also played Buckingham but lost, 59-18.

Freshman David Boley, who usually plays on JV, was a starter in the varsity game.

According to him the ball movement and rebounding were good, but they weren’t enough to win.

“We have some work to do over the summer,” sophomore Bradford Petchauer said. “We just need to make basketball more of a priority.”

But Brisco said he’s satisfied.

“Varsity did okay tonight,” he said. “They played hard. The six guys that did show up played with a lot of heart and played competitively, and we can’t ask for anything more than what they gave us tonight in a losing effort,” Brisco said.

Both the JV and varsity teams had a single win this season.

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