Boys’ basketball team crushed in Redding tournament

The boys’ varsity basketball team lost all three games in the Redding Tournament, Dec. 6-7.

The Cavs lost their first game to Redding Christian, 18-88, on the first day of the tournament.

The next day, they were defeated by Global Youth Charter, 44-76. The third game  was against Dunsmuir, 49-57.

According to junior Jaspreet Gill, the major setback in the tournament was the lack of communication and “shutting down” of best players on the other team.

“Shutting down” is when the Cavs prevent the opposing team’s best players from taking shots.

“In our last game, no. 11 on (Dunsmuir’s) team would always drive left and we knew it, but we couldn’t shut him down till the second half,” Gill said.

Gill said the team also needs to improve on their game play mentally, playing as if they have nothing to lose.

“A lot of times we turned over the ball because we were too scared and made stupid plays,” he said.

Sophomore Bradford Petchauer believes that the boys need to improve their spacing and ball movement.

Petchauer said the Cavs’ closer margin in the last game was because they had better spacing and movement..

Since there were not enough players due to sickness, the girls’ basketball team didn’t attend the tournament.

The Cavs will play at Mather Sports Center against Freedom Christian on Thursday, Dec. 12, at 7:30 p.m.


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