Yet another tie—soccer team relives Homecoming game against Buckingham

The boys’ soccer team tied for the second time against Buckingham, 1-1, on Oct. 28.

Junior Erik Morfin-Ruiz scored the only Cav goal.

As in the Homecoming game when the teams tied, the brutal rivalry has continued to affect the game with more physical violence and foul calls.

“A lot of the other team’s players tried to fake fouls that were never caused. Then they would yell at the referee for not calling it,” freshman David Boley said.

Sophomore Adam Ketchum, who sprained his ankle last game, will be out for the next few games, he said.

The team is currently 6-3-2, earning barely enough wins to slide them into the playoffs.

The boys play Faith Christian, a team the Cavs have yet to beat this season, at home on Thursday, Oct. 31, at 4 p.m.


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