Soccer ties, JV volleyball falls, & varsity volleyball avenges loss on Homecoming (slideshows)

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The boys’ soccer team was unable to score its third victory over the Buckingham Knights this season, Oct. 18, tying them 1-1 in the Homecoming “under-the-lights” game.

The Cavs won both previous encounters, 4-1 and 2-0.

The Knights took an early lead in the first half, evoking groans from the jam-packed bleachers.

But junior Ethan Ham quickly tied the score with a goal that sent the cheering section into a wild frenzy.

“It was one of the best goals scored on that field,” coach Matt Vargo said.

However, Ham’s goal was also the game’s last. Despite all the cheering and shouting—a rare phenomenon at SCDS—the Cavs couldn’t come through with the victory the fans wanted.

“I think the emotion was high out there, as well as the intensity for both teams,” Vargo said, referring to the rivalry between the teams, which led to multiple fouls during the very physical game.

“The skill was also very high on both sides (but) the intensity took over the skill,” he said.

“I think the crowd made us a little cocky,” junior Keegan Crain said. “But the crowd also helped us a lot, and it was nice for them to come and cheer for us.”

The boys’ team currently has an overall record of 5-1-2 and will be playing an away game against Faith Christian, a team the Cavs have yet to beat this season, on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

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Girls’ JV Volleyball

JV Volleyball lost 0-2 to Our Lady of Guadalupe on Homecoming night, Oct. 18.

Both sets were lost 9-25. Freshman Natalie Brown said that the team’s main issue—self-confidence—has been affecting game play quite a bit.

“We need to be more positive as a team,” Brown said. “As long as we try our best, we should be confident.”

Brown also said that the team’s other obstacle is its lack of experience, which is having physical and mental effects on the girls.

The game was attended by many from both sides; the bleachers were mostly full, which is very unusual at JV games.

“I think (the crowd) pushed me to do better,” Brown said.

The team will face Valley Christian on Oct. 29.

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Girls’ Varsity Volleyball

Junior Erin Reddy was ready. She looked up at the umpire from a foot behind the service line.

The whistle blew, signaling the start of the game.

“Balls up!” yelled an opposing team member, as Reddy executed a jump serve over the net.

And with Reddy’s serve, the varsity volleyball team earned its first point in a three-straight-set victory over the Wilton Patriots on Homecoming night, Oct. 18.

The first set included a service run of six points by junior Caroline Mehta, which gave the the team a jumpstart.

“I was nervous because I was worried the team wouldn’t be ready for defense, but I was also really excited that I was getting us points,” Mehta said.

Although the Patriots narrowed Country Day’s lead, their comeback was short-lived, and the Cavs took the first set, 25-18.

The second set began with yet another jump serve by Reddy, which grew into a second service run.

The team, up with a huge lead, were showing their spirit on the court, yelling and screaming after every point.

“I think everyone was on an adrenaline rush,” sophomore Aidan Galati said. “When we were up, we weren’t thinking ‘Oh we are going to win.’ We were thinking of fighting until we win.”

The Cavs closed out the second set, 25-10, with 10 consecutive service points by sophomore Sydney Michel.

The Cavs started slowly in the third set, as they struggled to keep up with Wilton’s lead.

But after trading points back and forth, the girls pulled through, sealing the victory with a powerful back-row hit by Michel, winning 25-22.

The Cavs will play an away game on Wednesday, Oct. 23, against John Adams Academy at 4 p.m.


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