Soccer, varsity volleyball demolish Lutheran; JV volleyball falls to Cornerstone Christian

Boys’ Soccer

The boys’ soccer team crushed the Lutheran Panthers, 9-2, at a home game, Oct. 15.

The boys will play Buckingham at Homecoming, Friday, Oct. 18. The Cavs have beaten the Knights twice this season.

The nine goals on the Panthers were scored collectively by six players: freshmen McGregor Scott, Christian Van Vleck and Emil Erickson, juniors Ethan Ham and Keegan Crain, and senior Caleb Davis. Ham had three goals, while Davis had two.

Freshman Austin Talamantes prepares to strike the ball in a game against Lutheran. The Cavs won 9-2. (Photo by Daniel Hernried)

The Cavs had almost twice as many players, 22, compared to Lutheran, which had 12 until a player was injured.

“We played really well all the way across,” said coach Matt Vargo. “Couple of guys scored that usually don’t score, and the defense was really tight.”

But freshman Quinton LaComb said he thought the team could have done better.

“We could have talked more and not bunched up into big crowds,” LaComb said.

Girls’ Varsity Volleyball

The varsity volleyball team won their away game against Lutheran, 3-0, on Oct. 15.

The Cavs will look to beat Wilton Christian during Homecoming, Friday, Oct. 18. The game will start at 6 p.m.

Even though the team shut out Lutheran in the end, it wasn’t a blowout like their last match.

“Our team was too confident going into the game because last time we beat Lutheran by a lot,” junior Caroline Mehta said. “We didn’t put 100 percent (effort) into this game.”

On top of that, the players also let many balls drop, which contributed to their small margins of victory.

The girls lost, 2-3, in their last Wilton match. Mehta said they are practicing very hard this week in anticipation of the rematch.

Girls’ JV Volleyball

The JV volleyball team lost its game against Cornerstone Christian, 0-2, Oct. 15.

Their next game is Homecoming night, Oct. 18, against Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Cavaliers lost the first set against Cornerstone, 11-25.

“The first game was pretty rough,” said freshman Isabelle Leavy.

The girls came back in the second set but still lost, 20-25.

However, Leavy said she felt good about the way they fought in the second set.

“We managed to improve our defense quite a bit,” she said.

The team has won only one match this season, losing most  in straight sets.

Leavy, though, is still optimistic, saying that the team is improving, especially in defense.

To date, Leavy said the biggest problem has been getting everyone to show up for practice and games, especially with such a small team.

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