Varsity volleyball ‘rusty’ after one-week break, loses to Sac Adventist

Varsity volleyball lost their match, 1-3, against Sacramento Adventist, Oct. 8.

The volleyball team was unprepared for the game, according to sophomore Aidan Galati.

“We were rusty because we hadn’t played or trained for a week. We were all heavy on our feet,” Galati said.

The Cavs lost the first set, 23-25, due to a number of dropped balls, and after losing the second set, 19-25, the team realized that its defensive positions were out of place.

The opposing team had lots of tips right over the net that players did not catch because they weren’t in the right places.

“Tomorrow I will use the whiteboards and show the girls the correct positions,” head coach Jason Kreps said.

But the team pulled through during its third set, winning 25-16. The team started off with a big lead which kept on growing throughout the set.

But the girls couldn’t maintain that comeback and lost the fourth set, 21-25. Both teams had great rallies, and the points were scored one after the other. But again with costly dropped balls, the Cavs lost by 3.

When asked what three words described the game, Galati said, “tired, rusty and embarrassing.”

“We usually play way better than that but we weren’t our best,” she said.

The team will play Buckingham at an away game on Friday, Oct. 11.

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