Boys tie Faith, 0-0; girls lose to Wilton, 2-3

Boys’ Soccer

The boys’ soccer team fought hard against Faith Christian on Sept. 30, tying 0-0.

“It was definitely a tough game,” senior Patrick Talamantes said.

Sophomore Adam Ketchum agreed.

“We were equally matched,” Ketchum said.

Team members felt they did a good job on defense.

“As a team I feel we played very well,” sophomore Bradford Petchauer said.

The team will next battle Buckingham Charter on Wednesday, Oct. 9, at 4 p.m.

 Varsity Volleyball

On Sept. 30, varsity volleyball played against Wilton, losing 2-3. Each set, however, was very close, some only 2 points apart.

Although the team grabbed the lead early on, the players kept making mistakes that ultimately cost them the game.

“It was really disappointing because we missed about eight serves,” senior Sydney Jackson said.

“We let them get ahead and didn’t follow the ball to the line. We just watched the ball drop several times.”

Junior Erin Reddy noticed the same problem.

“We really need to work on serves, making sure we are always focused and taking it seriously,” Reddy said.

But the team did improv, they said.

“We did a lot better covering the court on defense,” Reddy said.

Because the girls are playing the same team for Homecoming, Oct. 18, they now know what they need to work on.

“If we just focus on getting all our serves across and placing the ball in open spots, we’ll be golden,” sophomore Sydney Michel said.

“We should have won this one—we obviously could have,” Reddy said.

Jackson agreed.

“We aren’t going to put up with (losing) any longer,” she said.

The team will play Sacramento Adventist at home on Tuesday, Oct. 8, at 6 p.m.

Weekend tournament 

On Sept. 28, the girls also attended an all-day long tournament at Jackson Sports Academy.

A tournament begins with a pool, in which three teams play each other. Depending on how well a team does, they are placed in brackets where they then play other teams at their level.

If the team loses in a bracket (unlike in a pool), they are eliminated.

“We got placed in a sucky bracket then won a game and then lost (a game),” sophomore Emma Belliveau said.

The team lost all three games in their pool and were, therefore, put in a low-ranked bracket: bronze.

Within their bracket they played both larger and smaller teams, but ended up losing to a larger one.

The three teams they faced were West Campus (0-2), East Nicolaus (0-2), and Galt (2-0).

Despite the loss, team members said they improved throughout the day.

“Since we played so many games, we did get a lot of experience together as a team,” Belliveau said.

“We got a feel for what it was like to play a really fast-paced game.”

“Our communication improved over the games,” sophomore Maddy Judd said.


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