Commentary: If the varsity boys love playing (and winning) soccer, why don’t they care about the professionals?

As an avid soccer player and fan, I am always shocked and disappointed by the level of support my fellow student-athletes have for the world’s greatest game.

There are more fans of soccer than any other sport in the world, and it isn’t close.

Over a billion people tuned in to watch the World Cup—more than the World Series, NBA finals, Superbowl and Stanley Cup final combined.

At Country Day, however, soccer fandom has fallen by the wayside.

With a win on Nov. 10, the boys’ varsity soccer team locked up Country Day’s third section title.

After such a successful year for the team, I assumed there would be a level of excitement for the MLS (Major League Soccer) playoffs.

But of 27 varsity soccer players, only one said he follows American professional soccer.

Compare that with 100 percent of players on the basketball team who said they follow professional basketball.

As the MLS cup final rolls around on Saturday, Dec. 1, another year will pass with little to no attention paid to U.S. soccer’s biggest game.

David Beckham and Landon Donovan, two of the most famous soccer players in America, are household names.

How many people know that the upcoming MLS Cup could be their last U.S. games?

When the Houston Dynamo take on the L.A. Galaxy on Dec. 1, Of the 27 soccer team members asked which teams will be playing in the final, only one answered correctly.

When the Houston Dynamo take on the L.A. Galaxy on Saturday, millions will be watching.

Just none here.

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