SENIORS, SIGNING OFF: How Country Day changed me in a short four years

Every year, graduating seniors on The Octagon write a final piece to say goodbye to Country Day. This is one of nine pieces by the class of ’22.

Country Day and its surrounding community has shaped me immensely since my arrival in 2018, so as this year comes to its close, I find it more difficult than ever before to move on.

The departure from my middle school to high school self started with my change in fashion style.

Sparkly graphic cat t-shirts, neon leggings, mismatched socks and colorful tennis shoes became apparel of the past. I was a wreck and looked nothing like I do now. But when high school hit, I felt a pressure before even the first day to fit into a new box.

It wasn’t entirely the school itself but its association with wealth. It’s ridiculous to think about now, but one of the first things I did the summer before my first year at Country Day was go to American Eagle and a couple of name-brand stores to pick out new clothes. That was the first time I had ever worn a crop top or Converse shoes, two parts of my new style. It blows my mind that it was less than five years ago when it feels closer to an eternity.

This year was the shortest school year I’ve ever had, mainly because I loved all of my classes — none of them felt like chores. Or, it’s possibly the college application process that kept me on the edge of my seat. Regardless, I don’t think I savored it enough. 

Now that I have finally found comfort in a new environment I can call home, it is time to pack up and head out.

With each new day, more classes drop, and my schedule empties, yet I still show up to school. Most of the seniors are ready to go, and while I think I’m excited to head out and join the real world, I’m already missing the people I see every day.

A token of advice: talk with the teachers, make new friends and cherish the little things in life. After high school ends, those memories will be the only thing you have left. It may be tough to see now, but high school is one of the best times of your life, so take advantage of it.

— By Kali Wells

Originally published in the May 24 issue of The Octagon.

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