MY ANGLE: Is it worth it to go to the movies?

Movie theaters are something everybody has enjoyed for generations.  But with entertainment enterprises like Netflix and Disney+ rising in popularity, movie theaters are becoming less of a necessity. On top of that, COVID-19 has put some theaters out of business. However, movie theaters provide a more memorable and enjoyable experience than an entertainment app. 

If there wasn’t COVID-19, which one would be the better choice? 

Although entertainment services are a lot cheaper,  I still prefer theaters.  

Streaming services like Netflix cost $8.99 a month for a basic plan, and they offer a wide variety of movies and TV shows; however, the average $9.16 to  get into the theater one time covers more than just the movie. 

When you go to a movie theatre, you are paying for a whole watching experience.

Since new movies are typically released only in theaters, going to the theater makes watching the movie a lot more pleasurable. 

It takes a long time for streaming services to update their movies. When Jurassic World was released, I really wanted to watch it. But, before I had the chance to go to the theaters, it stopped screening. I had to wait a full two years before it showed up on Netflix, and it wasn’t worth it anymore because it had been spoiled for me. It was one movie, but events like this became consistent. 

However, entertainment apps are finding solutions to these problems. Due to the pandemic, “Wonder Woman 1984” and “Soul” were both released online. 

“Wonder Woman 1984,” the more profitable of the two, has already made $131 million. The first “Wonder Woman” movie made an astonishing $821 million, but its sequel still has time to grow. It was a good idea to release movies online because many people are stuck at home, watching TV. On top of that, you can eat at a cheaper cost at home. 

At the movie theaters, you have to pay for snacks and drinks. According to, the average total an American spends on concessions per visit to the theater is $15.06. Not only do you have to pay to watch the movie, but you can also catch COVID-19 there. 

Still, no feeling quite matches the theater experience. It’s a unique one. It’s the one when you find your friends in the movie lobby quivering with anticipation for the new release. 

It’s the one when you and your friends get that steaming bowl of buttery popcorn.

It’s the one when you hear that dinosaur roar in surround sound while you sit in pillowy reclining chairs. And it’s the sad one when you realize Jurassic Park’s finally over. 

When I watch a movie at home, I don’t feel the same way. The emotions are there, but they’re just muted. 

I prefer theaters because they make a movie a memorable experience. Watching a movie randomly on a Thursday night is a waste of your precious time. A movie should be a thrilling and amazing experience, that you won’t regret watching. Millions of dollars go into every movie, so why waste it?

 Movies have so much potential, and the theaters are the only way to fully unlock it.

— By William Holz

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