MY ANGLE: We needed quarantine

Being stuck at home for six months can drive you crazy. Personally, I really liked staying at home. You might think I’m insane to say we needed quarantine. However, quarantine is a funny thing. Even though it has stressed virtually everyone —pun intended—we needed it. 

When I think about some of the most interesting things that have happened in my life, they have happened during quarantine. 

I mean, when else have we had this much time to do or try almost anything? Could you have watched an entire TV series in a week while going to school and doing homework before? I don’t think so. 

I’m assuming that most of us didn’t just sit on the floor staring into space for six months. 

Working out, cutting your own hair (don’t try that one), studying, binging Netflix, baking and hundreds of other things could all be done during quarantine.

For me, bullet journaling (an artistic form of planning), finishing a math course, binging “Avatar: The Last Airbender” in less than a week and studying another language are some things I would never have done without six months of quarantine.

Of course, I did have some days where I wished I was going to school instead of being stuck inside 24/7. Even though I’ve gone back to school remotely, it’s no where close to how everything was before COVID-19. I’ve realized how much I miss being in an actual classroom, even if I am enjoying quarantine.

I had a calm and relaxed routine in summer, which I was very content with having: I would get up, make some Dalgona coffee, watch “Pokémon: Journeys” with my sister for a bit and give my dog belly rubs until she fell asleep. 

I’ve also spent a lot of time with my family recently. Every day in the summer, I would usually hang out with my sister and my family.

On some nights, my family and I would get together and play cards or watch a new movie. We would all have a great time, even if playing cards got extremely competitive. Sometimes, my competitiveness would get the best of me (while playing “Spades” to be specific), and if I lost, I became a sore loser at best.

My 10 year old sister, Sophia,  and I especially have a stronger relationship now that we’ve spent so much time together. We would often go walk our dog together or ride our bikes to get some frozen-yogurt at Loehmann’s Plaza. We’re always around each other now. Even if we drive each other crazy sometimes. 

But, I am glad that I’ve made so many precious memories with my family. 

Spending time with family was a big part of quarantine for me, and  I don’t think I, or the majority of people, will ever  have the opportunity to spend as much time as we already have with our families. 

Another thing that I love about quarantine is the amount of entertaining content to enjoy while staying home. 

“Mulan” was recently released on Disney Plus, “Avatar: The Last Airbender” broke Netflix’s longest streak record on the Top 10 list  at 61 days, according to Also, YouTube gathered many singers, including BTS, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, to celebrate the graduating class of 2020.

Additionally, an abundance of music and shows were released by my favorite artists; BTS, Conan Gray, Twice and Stray Kids. It was honestly a blessing to have so many songs  to listen to, so I wouldn’t bore myself to death. Some songs I recommend to listen to are, “Affluenza” by Conan Gray, “Double Knot” by Stray Kids, “Converse High” and “134340” by BTS and “Fancy” by Twice.

Staying at home does something to you in a sense that being blanketed in a calming environment can show how simple life can be, even in the midst of a pandemic. 

Being at home has made me appreciate the moments I now have and all of the things I’ve done to keep myself occupied these days. I feel that we would normally take the opportunities we now have for granted. Which is why we all needed some time to be at home to relax and appreciate the moments we have in quarantine. 

— By Katie Espinoza

Originally published in the Sept. 22 edition of the Octagon.

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