MY ANGLE: Senior sidewalk spots — be there or be square!

There are many things to look forward to as a senior — we’re the top dogs of the school, we get senior-only events and, of course, we no longer need rides from our parents. Now if only there was a way to celebrate … maybe, say, with personal decorated parking spaces?

I know, I know; I’m getting ahead of myself. Students don’t even have their own parking lot, so how could we possibly decorate our own parking spaces? 

Still, seeing other schools’ seniors laughing away, painting vibrant designs on their own parking spots at St. Francis or Rio Americano only adds insult to injury to the fact that we Country Day students don’t have a parking lot to begin with. 

Nevertheless, that doesn’t prevent me from daydreaming about one.

Actually, now that I think about it, there is a way to implement this tradition.

Maybe not on Latham Drive or in the parking lot, but how about painting the sidewalk next to the drop-off, along lower school down to high school? 

Imagine strolling to school every morning and seeing not the drab, varied grays of the cement, but perhaps the lively pinks and blues and yellows of my name. 

Seriously. Close your eyes and picture it. Wouldn’t that be awesome? 

Honestly, it would feel like journeying to Oz via the yellow brick road, singing, “We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!” 

If I could see something like that every chilly morning, I just know all of my worries would disappear, the weight of my two backpacks and violin would vanish, and the stress of my impending college applications would evaporate. 

In addition to bringing light and color into my mundane life, Country Day could earn a little change by selling those empty squares of sidewalk.  The school could easily make over $100 if it sold plots of sidewalk to seniors (maybe more if everyone is as desperate as I am). That money could be put toward Student Council projects, or toward buying a new mirror for the bathrooms.

The squares also would promote student expression, individualism and creativity. Each square would be a physical representation of each of the school’s beloved seniors, who, shall I remind you, will soon be heading off to college.

Moreover, the squares would further promote Country Day to prospective parents. If I were scouting Country Day for my child, for example, and I saw some beautiful pieces of sidewalk as soon as I stepped out of the car, I would be impressed. I mean, only a really cool school would have something like that. Besides, students showing passion for their school can never be a bad thing.

For these reasons, I propose my newly patented Senior Squares.

Seniors could pay for a slice of sidewalk, paint a teacher-approved design and assert their dominance as the oldest children in the school. 

I see absolutely no downsides. Earning money? Memorializing the graduating class? Showing off that Country Day school spirit? Check, check and check.

So seniors, who’s with me? Let’s rise up and make this happen! Let’s band together and kick-start the glorious Senior Squares tradition!

—By Emma Boersma

Originally published in the Sept. 17 edition of the Octagon.

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