OVER & OUT: Adam Dean recounts nearly being fired from Octagon staff

Graduated senior Adam Dean

In each installment of the four-part OVER & OUT series, graduated Octagon staffers will be saying their adieus to Octagon readers before they head to their respective colleges. Former print editor-in-chief Adam Dean is the second in the series. 

“​Adam, I find it hard to believe that you would post a photo on your own Twitter feed that was going to be published in the Octagon.

 “I find it even harder to believe that you would post a snarky comment with it.

“Can you explain to me why you thought posting it was a good idea?”

This was the email I received from Octagon adviser Patricia Fels shortly after a sophomore-year basketball game against Faith Christian in Yuba City.

Minutes before the email I had been spammed by other staffers at paste-up to immediately remove this infamous post.

You may ask, what in the world did I do to cause so much outrage?

I posted a picture of Emil Erickson eating a cookie on Twitter. I don’t remember the “snarky” comment, but I’m sure it was hilarious.

The photo was from a photo shoot earlier in the day for an upcoming Octagon review about cookies.

Emil, as per usual, looked very funny in one picture, and I had to share the masterpiece with the world.

I really thought there was no way that we would use the ridiculous photo in the paper, but apparently Fels thought otherwise.

The next day, my friends in the other English period let me know that Fels was talking about the incident and said she was considering kicking me off the staff.

But since you’re reading this, you can guess what happened!

Now I’m probably the best editor-in-chief ever, and I’m bringing home trophies for the Octagon.

Kevin Huang
Editors-in-chief Marigot Fackenthal (second from right) and Adam Dean (right) led the newspaper to second place in Best of Show at the JEA/NSPA national journalism convention in Seattle. Online editor-in-chief Sonja Hansen (left) helped the online to achieve fourth place in Best in Show. Adviser Patricia Fels (second from left) holds both the online and print awards.

You’re welcome, Fels.

But actually, I’m so grateful to whoever calmed Fels down. Thanks, Aishwarya! (I think…)

And because I wasn’t kicked off, I’m no longer the same terrible writer I was when I joined three years ago.

I still kind of throw in commas, where, they seem like they should go, but usually I’m right.

I’ve also met some really kind, motivated, and overall pretty cool people through Octagon.

Like Aishwarya Nadgauda, ‘15, Maddy Judd, ‘16, the Dahmanis (even though Katia can be pretty annoying), and most importantly: FELS!!

In early April, I was distraught because I didn’t know where I wanted to go to college, and it was really bothering me.

I called Fels at 8:30 p.m. (way past her bedtime), and we talked about my options for at least 20 minutes.

Fels is one of the teachers that kids come to Country Day for. She cares about her students and what she does.

Lastly, I want to talk about one of my favorite parts of Octagon this year: my co-editor-in-chief, Marigot Fackenthal.

Yeah, I jokingly call her fat every day. And I had a field day after she cut her own hair. But I really do appreciate her.

At the start of our editorship, Marigot did most of the print redesign herself. I occasionally gave my opinion, but it was pretty much all her.

Because she was taking charge of designing pages, most staffers saw her as the one in charge at the beginning of the year.

Obviously I’ve gained the respect of the staff since the start of the year, but Marigot never acted like she was better than or doing more work than me, when she easily could have.

I love our current friendship, and can’t wait to continue making fun of her while we’re in college.

She’s one of the many reasons I’m so grateful that I never got kicked off Octagon.

By Adam Dean

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