Juniors Emil Erickson and Quin LaComb, freshman Ben Miner and junior Isabelle Leavy enjoy Domino’s pizza.

Pizza Palooza: Where to spend your dough on dough

Throughout high school, I’ve ordered pizza for numerous occasions such as free period long or occasionally a class. I’ve ordered from Pizza Guys consistently due to “peer pressure.” I’d ask where I should get my pizza, and people would tell me Pizza Guys.

That’s because Pizza Guys is supposedly quick and cheap, especially when compared to its competitor, Pizza Hut.

However, I recently learned that there’s a Domino’s across from Pavilions. This discovery made me rethink my pizza policy.

According to an Oct. 20 Octagon poll on this subject, I’m not alone in my lack of knowledge. Of the 74 people who have had pizza delivered to school, 61 had no idea that this Domino’s existed.

I now knew three places for pizza: Pizza Guys, Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Which of these three could best satisfy my pizza needs?

And  so, accompanied by a small group of friends, I ordered from the three with four criteria in mind: budget, time, taste and aesthetics. To give each an equal opportunity, I ordered one large pepperoni pizza with regular crust (although only Pizza Hut offers crust options).

Price-wise, Domino’s came out on top. The large pepperoni pizza was only $15.64, $2 cheaper than Pizza Hut’s $17.63 and $6 cheaper than Pizza Guys’ $21.31.

Pizza Hut had the fastest delivery time, but only by a little. They took 20 minutes, followed by a swift 21 minutes from Domino’s and a sluggish half-hour show from Pizza Guys.

Before we even tried the pizzas, we rated them solely by aesthetics. The one from Pizza Guys looked the best due to the proportions of the toppings. Domino’s was second and Pizza Hut was third.

We agreed that the pies from Pizza Guys and Pizza Hut had way too much pepperoni. Whereas the Domino’s pizza had just enough pepperoni to satisfy meat lovers, the other two were completely overrun with pepperoni.

And while the pizzas from Domino’s and Pizza Hut were divided into eight slices, the Pizza Guys pizza had 12, making it optimal for parties of more than four.

At this point, the entire group was practically drooling over the three pizzas. We decided to try the Domino’s pizza first, so we all grabbed a slice and bit in.

Right off the bat I got multiple tastes and sensations in my mouth. First came the small crunch from perfectly cooked pepperoni and a slightly crunchy crust, followed by the overwhelming taste of the sauce. Last was a slight taste of garlic from the sauce and crust.

As we finished our Domino’s slices, we were delighted by crust with a dust of some sort on it. It tasted slightly of garlic and was a great way to finish a slice. As junior Isabelle Leavy said, “Dust on the crust is a must. In Domino’s I trust.” Overall, it had the perfect amount of pepperoni but far too much sauce.

Next we moved on to a Pizza Hut slice. Although it didn’t look greasy, we soon discovered that the grease was hidden on the underside. However, its crust was still somewhat crunchy.

The slice tasted slightly of oregano. Its crust had some sort of garlic flavoring baked into it, making it all the better and somewhat similar to the crust on the pizza from Domino’s. However, the slice had almost no cheese and the crust was slightly sticky.

Finally, we moved onto the Pizza Guys pizza, which was drenched in grease. On top of that, its crust tasted like cardboard. Junior Maryjane Garcia called it “straight-up rubbish,” and I couldn’t help but agree.

Even though all pizza is good, it’s clear that Pizza Guys pizza isn’t that good.

We agreed unanimously that Domino’s was by far the best, followed by Pizza Hut, and finally, Pizza Guys. Domino’s swept the board when it came to price and tastiness.

Reading the pizza poll yielded surprising results. Of the 74 people who have had pizza delivered to school, 55 said that they usually order from Pizza Guys, while only two have ordered from Domino’s.

The reasons were interesting as well. The students who explained their choice had reasons ranging from “too lazy to look (for another place)” to “other people wanted it.”

Ironically, most students order from Pizza Guys with the belief that it has the best price, taste, and delivery time. But in our test, Domino’s trumped it in every single one of those categories. So next time you think of pizza, think Domino’s!

—By Quin LaComb

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