Season 6 of "American Horror Story" premieres on Oct. 7 on channel FX.

GET READY FOR SEASON 6: Lady Gaga to star in ‘American Horror Story’

Over the next weeks Octagon staffers will explain why they’re excited for the season premieres of their favorite TV shows, both familiar and new.   

We’ve lived in the murder house, escaped the asylum and joined the coven. Now we’re ready to check into the hotel.

Season six of “American Horror Story”  premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Each season is its own horror story set in any period of American history.

Luckily, you can watch the seasons of “American Horror Story” in any order because each season starts with a new plot, time period, setting and characters. However, the leading actors usually remain the same.

But this year, the lineup is changing.

Jessica Lange will no longer be fronting the show. (Lange won the Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a miniseries or movie for her performance in “Coven.”)

Instead, Lady Gaga will be playing the main character – the hotel’s blood-drinking owner, dubbed “the Countess.”

“Asylum” (season two), the first season of “American Horror Story” that I watched, was full of plot twists, mystery, gore and even a weird (unnecessary)  alien side plot.

By far, “Asylum” was my favorite season, but perhaps this isn’t surprising as NBC’s “Hannibal” is one of my absolute favorite TV shows.

In season three, “Coven,” centered around a school for witches in the South; it brought a more relatable atmosphere, as it was set in the modern era, and many of the main characters were teenagers.  

The witches wore all black, which made it that much more relatable… if only for me.

Season four, “Freak Show” had a more whimsical and fantastical feel because it was based around a circus of “freaks” who struggled with their identity as outcasts.

Season five, “Hotel,” is said to bring an even darker version of “American Horror Story” to the screen, while retaining the traditional creepiness and intrigue.

I can only hope that this is true for season five, and that Lady Gaga is just as talented an actress as she is a singer.

Check into Hotel Cortez – Oct. 7 on channel FX.

—By Nicole Wolkov

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