GET READY FOR SEASON NINE: Doctor’s companion on her way out in new season of ‘Doctor Who’

Over the next weeks Octagon staffers will preview why they’re excited for the season premieres of their favorite TV shows, both familiar and new.  

After waiting 268 days, Whovians around the world will finally get what they’ve been waiting for this Saturday, Sept. 19: the season nine premiere of “Doctor Who.”

“Doctor Who” has been around for over 52 years, during which there have been 12 Doctors, and around 40 companions.

Currently, the Doctor is played by Peter Capaldi. His companion, Clara Oswald, is played by Jenna Coleman. This will be Coleman’s last season, according to a recent interview done on BBC Radio 1.

I am looking forward to this season for many reasons (far beyond the space I’m given on this page).

I love the dynamic relationship full of banter between the Doctor and Clara. Capaldi’s take on the Doctor has references to the previous 11, as well, and he adds his own rebel spin on the role. He stays true to the manic, yet concerned, “Idiot in a Box” and can deliver a wonderful monologue.

With Clara’s departure approaching, I am apprehensive thinking about how Steven Moffat (the showrunner) will bring her TARDIS-time to an end. Clara has always tried to be equal to the Doctor even though she’s a human, and she has all the qualities a companion should have: intelligence, bravery, compassion, concern and a great fashion sense.

The first episode will feature the Daleks (Nazi-inspired aliens whose only goal in life is to “exterminate” all other life forms), as well as the Doctor’s arch-nemesis and frenemy Missy, the Master (another person of the same species as the Doctor, a Time Lord.)

In the first episode, “The Magician’s Apprentice,” the skies are freezing over, and Doctor and Clara are separated. It’ll take place on multiple planets, and possibly include a younger version of Davros or the Sisterhood of Karn. The story follows into the next episode, entitled “The Witch’s Familiar.”

Like the first, almost every story this season takes place over the course of two episodes, so there will be many cliffhangers and more complex stories.

If space, aliens, crazy characters, complex plot lines, British wit and wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff sounds interesting, this show is for you.

For the next two weeks BBCA is doing a marathon of all the “Doctor Who” episodes since 2005, so you can catch up on what you missed.

So, in the words of Capaldi’s Doctor, “Don’t be lasagna.” Watch “Doctor Who.”

The first episode will be aired at 6 p.m. on BBCA.

—By Chardonnay Needler

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