STUDYING FOR FINALS: Outside the hustle and bustle of Chipotle is the perfect place

There are three things I need when studying for finals:

  1. A semi-quiet environment where I can concentrate, but still have something interesting to look at when I need a mental break.
  2. A lot of empty table space so I can spread out my numerous notecards, highlighters and textbooks.
  3. An easily accessible food and caffeine supply.

Before last May, I added up all these requisites to get Peet’s in Lyons Village as my go-to study spot. But then, in the middle of a practice AP U.S. History exam, I started craving a quesadilla, leading me to my new favorite library: Chipotle.

Sure, the inside is loud and hectic, but once you step out into the outdoor seating area, the only noise to distract you is the chirping of birds and distant traffic sounds.

Plus, so few people sit outside that there are plenty of tables. And when your head feels like an overused sponge, you can look up for some prime people-watching.

Granted, the 15-minute drive from my home to Loehmann’s Plaza isn’t usually one I want to make when stressing about the Calvin cycle or Euler’s method. But after that last final of the day, it’s a great place for some cramming while waiting to be picked up.

The one downside of studying at Chipotle is that there isn’t any coffee. But that’s easily remedied, especially if you’re making the trek from Country Day—just a block away are Temple Coffee and Peet’s.

So stop procrastinating, turn off your computer and head for Chipotle!


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