STUDYING FOR FINALS: With the noise and pricey coffee, Temple might not be the best spot

When it comes to sheer convenience, it’s hard to beat Temple Coffee, the caffeine dispensary located at Munroe Street and Fair Oaks Boulevard. Just four blocks from school, Temple is close enough to get a to-go coffee and be back at school within 15 minutes.

But as a study location, Temple is less than ideal. Inside the small store, eclectic music on the loudspeakers impedes any clear thought. Try typing an essay, and you might just end up typing the lyrics instead.

Outside, the situation is even worse. Temple’s patio faces Munroe, making for a soundtrack of screeching cars and slamming brakes. The occasional Harley Davidson motorcycle  is irritating, and fire trucks come through almost once an hour.

Besides the noise factor, the cost is another huge deterrent from making Temple a go-to finals location.

Almost every drink is priced well above $3.75, and without any membership programs as fruitful as a Starbucks Gold Card (free refills on basic drinks), an afternoon at Temple can turn into a mind-blowing $15 hit.

That said, Temple still offers several advantages. Besides the ultra-convenient location (one doesn’t need to walk across the death trap otherwise known as the unprotected crossing at Latham Drive and Munroe), the staff at Temple know what they are talking about.

Don’t believe me? Ask them about the difference between their Ecuadorian and Dharma espresso blends. If those two varieties don’t strike your fancy, there are always the Columbian or Ethiopian beans. Or the 21 different types of tea they keep on hand every day.

If you enjoy encyclopedic knowledge of coffee and a convenient location, Temple is the place to study.

But if you’re looking to get hopped up on caffeine and need peace and quiet, it isn’t.

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