My Angle: Country Day’s different schedule causes problems

Sacramento Country Day School has a very different schedule compared to some other schools. Most schools in El Dorado Hills have different schedules. We start the school year later than most schools, and we also end the school year later than some schools.

Our schedule being different from other schools’ schedules makes it difficult for students that have siblings that go to different schools.

For example, I have a brother that goes to Oak Ridge High School, and there they have a completely different schedule. They had orientation on Aug. 7 and started school the next day.

My brother and I sometimes have trouble going on vacation together. During Thanksgiving Break, we don’t go anywhere because he has the entire week and SCDS only has three days. But last year when SCDS had Spring Break, Oak Ridge had school. SCDS started Spring Break March 22 and ended it April 6, while Oak Ridge had it from April 14-21. Because of the different schedules, we couldn’t go anywhere during Spring Break.

Freshman Nicole Moxon also has a brother who goes to Oak Ridge. She believes that it is difficult at times to go on vacation.

“Before I joined SCDS, my family could go on vacation all the time together because my brother and I had the same schedule,” Nicole said. “Since I joined SCDS last year, we were able to go on some vacations. But during Spring Break we couldn’t go anywhere because we didn’t share vacations. He had his vacation after mine, and I couldn’t miss any school.”

Eighth grader Samantha Greene has a sister that goes to St. Francis. “We don’t have any of the same breaks, and, yes, it makes it hard to go on vacation,” Samantha said.

Most schools in the Sacramento region have break at the same time, but if you go to SCDS and live somewhere out of Sacramento and have a sibling, there tends to be a conflict with going on vacations. There really is no resolution to this problem sadly. We have different districts with different board members that decide when we have our breaks.


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