MELISSA’S LETTERS: In the everlasting debate of cats vs. dogs, I choose cats

Dear Dog People,

Cats are better than dogs for many obvious reasons. They basically take care of themselves. You don’t have to walk them or bathe them or get someone to watch them while you’re out of town.

The best part would have to be the bathing aspect. Cats tend to be a lot cleaner than dogs. My cats always smell like soap. Not sure how, but they do. There is a reason people use the phrase “dog breath” and not “cat breath.” I remember when I used to have a dog I would have to brush her teeth. . . the toothpaste was meat flavored. It made her breath smell even worse.

I’m just playin’. Dogs are cool. Cats and dogs really have such completely different characters that it is really hard to compare them and say one is better than the other.  Dogs tend to be more energetic and friendly, while cats are more relaxed and stand offish. Dogs and cats also have completely different lifestyles and they require owners with very different lifestyles. A dog needs more attention and requires an owner who has the time to walk it, groom it and play with it, while a cat doesn’t not only require as much attention, but many times doesn’t want that much attention. So besides the many fundamental obvious reasons that cats are better than dogs, it really comes down to whether you are a cat person or a dog person. I am obviously a cat person.

I am a cat person for the basic reasons. I’m pretty busy most of the time, so I don’t really want to make the time for a dog and I can’t stand dog breath. But I am mainly a cat person because, in general, I prefer cats’ personalities over those of dogs. People tend to put down cats for their snobby attitude and stand offish personality. But this is the main reason why I love them. Dogs are too excited and all over you all the time. To me, this makes their love less special and their love seems almost fake. They feel like a suffocatingly clingy boyfriend. Dogs start to annoy me very quickly. Since my cats don’t want to cuddle and play 24/7, it makes it special when they are in the mood. I think this kind of personality makes cats more like people, which I also like because I am an only child and a mean moody cat really seems to fill in the place of a sibling much better than an excited dog licking me all the time.

It’s funny that the number one reason people usually give me for not liking cats is the reason I love them, and one of the main reasons many people love dogs is the one reason why I can’t stand many of them for too long.


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