MY ANGLE: Getting it done—a comprehensive guide to Internet-assisted learning

Having trouble with your homework lately? Seem to be burning too much of the midnight oil?

Well, get ready for a few techno-tips to get your studying shot right into the 21st century.

The first thing to consider before starting anything homework-related is that no work gets done on an empty stomach. Be sure to spend five minutes pacing between refrigerator and pantry before ultimately deciding on a glass of water.

Time to start working. First, of course, you have to watch your favorite YouTube series, because you haven’t missed an episode in over a year, and you’ll be damned if you’ll interrupt your streak.

All right. Now we can start. Take out your binder, sharpen your pencils and turn on your TI-89, because it’s math time.

But wait, don’t you have free period before math? Well, as the old proverb says: never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

Phew. With all that hard work you deserve a break.

How about a 10-minute hour-long Reddit break? You won’t laugh at any posts, but rest assured: this is not a waste of your time.

Boy, is that reading assignment a doozy, but’s it’s only 6 p.m., so you have plenty of time to finish your APUSH. It’s clear you’ll need something to motivate yourself.

That show “Archer” has been getting a lot of good press. Why not add it to your Netflix queue to give yourself something to look forward to?

Okay, so it’s three hours later and you’ve watched the majority of the the first season, but that’s okay.

I mean, the book was open the whole time, and you did occasionally glance down at the pages between episodes. Besides, there probably won’t be a quickwrite about it tomorrow, so you’re good.

The entire Bio packet isn’t due till Tuesday, so that leaves only AP Spanish and English.

This is where we really put our Internet skills to the test.

Rather than looking up the specific words you don’t know, Google Translate the entire reading passage to improve your reading comprehension.

If this proves to be a stretch of your attention span, you can always do your Spanish the next morning in between slides in Bio.

English is equally easy. Have a character development assignment? Look up “character development in ‘The Scarlet Letter,’” Has Fels been hinting at a quiz? “Chapters X-Y Sparknotes.”

There. Now wasn’t that a snap? It’s not even midnight and you’ve finished everything. See what being a 21st-century teen can accomplish?

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