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“Shaken and Stirred” auction brings in 111K for Scholars Program

Country Day’s March 18 annual auction, “Shaken and Stirred,” raised $111,550 for Country Day’s Scholars Program, said Director of Advancement Rachelle Doyle. 

The James Bond themed auction was held at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex on Fulton Avenue. Attendees gathered for appetizers, games and cocktails before beginning a  live auction and paddle raise at 7:00 p.m. Items up for bidding ranged from artwork to paid vacations. 

An online version of the auction began on March 15 and closed before the live auction began.

After dinner, there was a casino night with a live band and a dessert bar. 

During the auction, three students — seniors Adam Akins, Jonah David and Karabelo Bowsky — gave speeches about the Scholars Program and why it was important to donate. The students talked about their experiences attending Country Day. 

“I spoke about how I was included into Country Day’s community when I joined online during COVID-19,” Akins said. 

The Scholars Program helps new ninth grade students access college preparatory materials. The students selected for Country Day’s Scholars earn a four-year high school scholarship towards tuition, textbooks, class trips, one-on-one college counseling, an SAT preparation course, and a school-issued laptop computer according to Country Day’s website. 

Other students volunteered to help set up, sell tickets and prepare the game area, including sophomore Ash LaPlaca, junior Liam Kaschner and seniors Amaya Anguiano, Athenea Godinez-Gómez, Cecilia Wilson and Haylee Holman.

“The auction served as a great community builder for parents to come together and connect,” Doyle said.

“The auction also served to support the operational budget of the school and raised more money for our Scholars Program than ever before,” she said.

— By Anisha Mondal

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