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Red Cross Blood Drive returns to SCDS

Led by senior Jonah David, the Red Cross Blood Drive will be held at Country Day on Nov. 18 in the Benvenuti Gymnasium on campus.

Senior Adam Akins, who donated blood last year,  will be rolling up his sleeve again this year.

 “Giving blood is just the right thing to do. It is such a small action that can have a real, tangible, positive effect on many people.”

Whether you are a blood-donating veteran or you’ve never given blood in your entire life, you can donate blood as long as you are 16 or older.

If you are 16, you must complete a form that provides proof of parental consent and bring this form to the gym on the day of the blood drive, along with any form of government identification.

However, if you are 17 or older, you don’t need parental consent. According to the Red Cross, an estimated 6.8 million people donate blood each year in the United States. Each donation is estimated to save three lives.

Participating in the blood drive is essential, David said.

“You’re contributing to the greater good,” he said.

Although David has experience managing the blood drive for the past three years, it is his first time donating blood.

“When I first saw that the opportunity to be a part of this had arisen in sophomore year, I immediately knew it was a great chance to truly help people,” David said.

The process for donating is simple. You start by signing up on the Red Cross Blood Drive website, entering the zip code, the code “Cavs,”  and your medical details. 

To be eligible to donate, you must also meet a few more requirements. You must be in good health without any major pre-existing conditions such as anemia, you can’t have donated within 56 days and must weigh at least 110 pounds.

If you fit into the eligibility demographic, the next step is to get your blood taken. 

Because you have to be 16 years of age or older to donate blood,  a small number of last year’s participants were juniors. Most were seniors who have graduated, so David hopes to have a good turnout from the ’23 and ’24 classes.

— By Andrew Burr

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