(From left to right) Seniors Zola Grey, Masai Dumisani, Sicily Schroeder, Lilah Shorey, Tina Huang and Hailey Fesai talk with each other during flex time on March 21 — some choosing to wear masks. (Photo by Arijit Trivedi)

BREAKING NEWS: School sends two COVID-19 tests home with each student

In response to an “uptick in exposure” to COVID-19 on campus, the school is distributing two COVID-19 antigen tests per student so students can test outside of on-campus testing windows, according to an email sent out to the SCDS community on April 15.

In addition, during a high school morning meeting on Friday, April 15, Head of High School Brooke Wells said due to new mask policies, all students in a classroom where a positive test was identified will be notified as a contact.

He said the tests being given out will help students who were identified as contacts test quickly and resume their classes.

For high school students, the antigen tests are available in the high school office to be picked up. Tests expire in May 2022.

— By Ethan Monasa and Arijit Trivedi

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