Senior Arijit Trivedi donates blood on Nov. 5. Trivedi said it was his first time donating blood and would do it again. (Photo by Kali Wells)

Country Day donates 36 units of blood in blood drive

Sacramento Country Day donated 36 units of blood during the annual blood drive on Nov. 5, surpassing the goal of 32 units.

 Students older than 16, faculty and other adults contributed to the event run by the American Red Cross. 

“The blood drive was a success,” said Blood Drive Adviser and P.E. Director Michelle Myers. “It’s always a success because we never have any spaces available and we always have people who walk in because we’re full.”

During the drive, donors first had to scan a QR code to fill out a form that decided their eligibility. Eligible donors gave blood and were given drinks and snacks afterward, junior blood donor Adam Akins said.

“It was a fast, efficient experience,” Akins said.

Another blood donor, senior Nihal Gulati, said he chose to participate in the drive because it seemed like a good thing and did nothing to harm him.

According to the American Red Cross’s website, one blood donation can save up to three lives.

— By Ryan Xu

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