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Mock Trial loses to Jesuit in fourth match of county competition, gets eliminated in quarterfinals against Elk Grove

Country Day’s Mock Trial team lost against both Jesuit High School and Elk Grove High School in its fourth and quarterfinal matches on Feb. 17 and Feb. 20.  

In the fourth round, the Cavs were awarded one out of the three ballots with Jesuit taking the other two. The total score was 419-416. 

Junior Nihal Gulati, who performed as pretrial attorney, was named MVP by the opposing team. 

“He’s been working very hard, and he delivered his remarks very confidently and coherently,” Country Day Mock Trial Coach Rick Lewkowitz said.

Lewkowitz also praised the Cavs’ four witnesses for their performances and knowledge of the material.

He hopes the team will be more aggressive in future matches. 

“We need to be willing to object when witnesses aren’t being responsive because that really ate up our time,” he said. 

“Not objecting really hurt us, and our team is at the skill level where we should be energetic and confident.”

Sophomore Adam Akins, a witness, also said the team needs to increase its aggression and energy in order to disrupt the other team. 

“We had a difficult time controlling the situation when the other team’s witnesses were intent on wasting time during cross-examinations,” Akins said. 

The team’s subsequent quarterfinal match against Elk Grove High School resulted in a loss, 423-402. The Cavs won one ballot, and Elk Grove was awarded two.

Lewkowitz said the team’s quarterfinal match was the best trial of the season, despite the outcome. 

“They were all so energetic, confident, and well-prepared, and I’m glad we ended with our best match,” he said. 

Co-captain, attorney and senior Sarina Rye also expressed her pride in the Cavs’ performance during the quarterfinals. 

“We had good knowledge of the content, so we tried to focus on energy and presentation,” Rye said.

She said during the fourth match against Jesuit, there was a problem with the team’s morale, which instantly affected their performance.

“Next season, I hope everyone remembers to be confident in their abilities right off the bat because performance is really important.”

Sophomore Jacob Chand, who played a witness, was named MVP of the quarterfinal. 

The Cavs’ loss in the quarterfinals eliminates the team from the county tournament, ending their season.

— By Lauren Lu

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