Republican nominee, President Donald Trump, and Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, at the Oct. 22 debate at Belmont University, Tennesse. (Photo: C-SPAN)

Discussion remains civilized during Presidential debate

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, were mostly polite during the final presidential debate before the Nov. 3 election at Belmont University, Tennessee, a stark change from the first debate.

Kristen Welker of NBC moderated the Oct. 22 debate during which microphones could be cut off after the allotted times to prevent the candidates from repeating the chaotic first debate. The second debate was canceled after Trump tested positive for COVID-19. 

Seven topics were discussed: fighting COVID-19, national security, American families and economy, immigration, race in America, climate change and leadership.

— By Sanjana Anand, Arjin Claire, Nihal Gulati, Ethan Monasa, Arijit Trivedi and Arikta Trivedi

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