Sophomore Vivian Conner and seniors Jewel Turner and Emma Boersma pose after completing their square on Aug. 31 as part of Chalk It Up Sacramento in Fremont Park. (Photo by Trish Rodriguez)

Senior squaremaster creates Hokusai remake at 29th annual Chalk It Up Sacramento

At the 29th annual Chalk It Up Sacramento, students, led by squaremaster senior Jewel Turner, created a reinterpretation of “The Great Wave of Kanagawa” by Hokusai on Aug. 31 in Fremont Park. Chalk It Up Sacramento is a city-wide fundraising event that occurs every Labor Day weekend.

This year marks the second straight year of Country Day sponsorship. Sponsors buy squares for artists to decorate, which funds various youth art programs. Under the supervision of art teacher Andy Cunningham, Turner, senior Emma Boersma, junior Olivia Chilelli and sophomore Vivian Conner finished their square in about seven hours.

(Left) Squaremaster Jewel Turner, a senior, uses circles to blend colors. (Top right) Junior Olivia Chilelli draws “TRASH” in large letters. (Middle right) Art teacher Andy Cunningham supervises while lounging on his lawn chair. (Bottom right) This year’s square design was inspired by “The Great Wave of Kanagawa” by Hokusai. (All photos by Emma Boersma)

By Emma Boersma

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