Students in English teacher Jason Hinojosa's AP English Literature class observe the mural on the morning of May 7. (Photo by Mehdi Lacombe)

Anonymous students put up art installation on gym wall

On May 6, anonymous students put up a mural made of tape on the outside of the gym. Large letters spelled out “RESPECT EVERYONE,” and on the smaller strips of tape were written the names of different groups of people, such as “the mentally ill,” “hate crime survivors,” “liberals,” “conservatives,” “women in STEM,” “polyamorous people” and many others.

Head of school Lee Thomsen said he “appreciated that the message is one of inclusivity, something that is part of our mission and core values.

“Our larger national and world culture is so divisive and fearful of the ‘other’ right now, so I appreciate that a student or group of students chose to make a statement that people should act respectfully towards others.”

However, the mural will most likely be taken down before the annual auction on May 18 as “part of a general campus cleanup,” according to Thomsen.

—By Allison Zhang

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