History teacher Chris Kuipers welcomes baby boy

(Photo used by permission of Chris Kuipers)
James Henry, son of history teacher Chris Kuipers, was born Feb. 1.

On the night of Feb. 1, history teacher Chris Kuipers welcomed a new son into his family.

Kuipers’s son, James Henry Kuipers, was born around 8:30 p.m. and weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces. Their child’s first name, James, comes from Kuipers’s middle name, while his second name, Henry, was Kuipers’s grandfather’s name.

James and his mother, Sarah, spent one night in the hospital and were released the following evening.

As for the two weeks that James has been home for, Kuipers said that the lack of sleep is proving to be quite the challenge.

“Newborns need to eat pretty much every two hours, so there’s not a lot of long, sustained sleep,” he said. “But otherwise, all has gone quite well these first two weeks.”

Kuipers has another child, Elsa, who is in pre-K at the school.

“Elsa is delighted to have a younger brother,” said Kuipers. “She’s excited to be a big sister and has already been very helpful with James.”

Kuipers plans on returning to school on Feb. 26, the Monday following the mid-winter break.

During Kuipers’s absence, cross-country coach Nick Domich taught the eighth grade U.S. History class, and former Country Day history teacher Daniel Neukom taught Kuipers’s AP European History class.

By David Situ

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