Freshmen Kenyatta Dumisani and Layla MoheyEldin rehearse the one-act play “Antique Roadshow.”

High schoolers excited to perform five one-act plays

Shimin Zhang
(From left to right): Sophomore Aaron Graves, junior Brandy Riziki, assistant to head of high school Tucker Foehl and sophomore Savannah Rosenzweig rehearse the first one-act play, “The Whole Shebang.”

The high school’s five one-act plays on Dec. 7 and 8 at 7 p.m. are filled with lots of laughter, a touch of seriousness and even a few adults.

The plays start in a classroom far, far away in “The Whole Shebang,” where a student presents his project – the creation of the heavens and the earth  – to his professors and dean, joined by two unsuspecting humans as visual aids.

Next up is “Antique Show,” in which an excited Rosie Blugoski (freshman Layla MoheyEldin) is eager to present a family heirloom to a bored Eric Silver (freshman Kenyatta Dumisani), one of the appraisers for the TV show “Antiques Assembly.”

Then protective mother Edna (third-grade teacher Kristi Mathisen) and her son Danny (freshman Brian Chow) have a difference in opinion about patriotism when Danny makes a choice about his future in “Parental Consent.”

The fourth play, “Monologue Madness,” is a story of two very passionate and opinionated  teachers judging a monologue contest, with the heat rising as the competition progresses.

The lineup ends with 9-year-old Lisa (MoheyEldin) receiving a surprising birthday present in “The Best Mommy.”

Director Brian Frishman said he chose five one-act plays because there were so many new actors he hadn’t worked with.

However, he said that rehearsal scheduling and attendance were still big problems because there wasn’t time to work out the fine details.

“We didn’t get to work on every specific moment throughout the script because (of) people missing (rehearsals),” Frishman said.

Junior Brandy Riziki agreed.

Shimin Zhang
Freshmen Kenyatta Dumisani and Layla MoheyEldin rehearse the one-act play “Antique Roadshow.”

“We depend on each other, and whenever there’s a practice or rehearsal and one person is not there, it makes it harder,” she said.

Riziki is playing one of the two professors in “The Whole Shebang” and the mother in “The Best Mommy.”

“I like the last one because it’s the funniest,” she said.

“It catches you off guard.”

Riziki said to be prepared to laugh.

However, Chow had a different message for audience.

“Come with an open mind (to “Parental Consent”), the only serious play (of) all of them,” he said.

“Parental Consent” is one of two plays with an adult joining in – third-grade teacher Kristi Mathisen plays the mother, which Chow is excited about.

“Kristi’s a great actress,” he said.

Both Chow and Riziki said they are looking forward to opening night.

“I’m excited!” Riziki said.

“I know it’s going to be fantastic. We’re going to surprise ourselves.”

—By Sarina Rye

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