History teacher Sue Nellis hugs junior Sonja Hansen. Hansen won the James W. Weatherholt, II Excellence in History Award.

High-school faculty gives out awards at annual ceremony

(Photo by Chuck Hansen)
History teacher Sue Nellis hugs junior Sonja Hansen, who won the James W. Weatherholt II Excellence in History Award.

High schoolers were honored for their achievements at the high-school awards ceremony held in the gym, May 30.


The seniors received the following honors.


Art: Kaeleigh Valverde and Emory Shi

Communications: Nicole Wolkov and Marigot Fackenthal

Computer Science: Shriya Nadgauda

Drama: Avi Bhullar and Jaelan Trapp

English: Sylvaine Bucher

History: Christian Van Vleck

Mathematics: Kevin Huang

Music: Anny Schmidt

Physical Education: Kevin Huang and Anny Schmidt

Science: Zane Jakobs

World Language: Austin Talamantes and Emil Erickson


Alice & Herbert Matthews Scholarships

Creative Writing: Austin Talamantes and Anny Schmidt

Mathematics: Emil Erickson


Wesley Jamison Scholarships

Drama: Daniel Hernried

Science: Avi Bhullar


Kingman Tung, M.D. Award for Academic Excellence and Exceptional Character: Austin Talamantes


Community Service Award: Kevin Huang


Parents Association Amicus Award: Kevin Huang


The juniors received the following honors.

Rachel Carson Book Award: Sahej Claire


University of Rochester Awards

Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Smita Sikaria

Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Humanities & Social Science Award: Annya Dahmani


Harvard Book Award: Zihao Sui


Kenyon Book Award: Katia Dahmani


Barbara Lazar Excellence in Music Award: Lily Brown


Rensselaer Medal Scholarship: Carlos Nunez


James W. Weatherholt II Excellence in History Award: Sonja Hansen



National Merit Scholarship Program

Commended Students: Zane Jakobs, Quin LaComb, Isabelle Leavy, Shriya Nadgauda, Mac Scott

Finalist: Marigot Fackenthal


Distinguished Scholar Awards: Avi Bhullar, Sylvaine Bucher, Emil Erickson, Marigot Fackenthal, Arvind Krishnan, Quin LaComb, Isabelle Leavy, Camille Locke, Shriya Nadgauda, Mac Scott, Austin Talamantes and Christian Van Vleck


Cum Laude Recognition

New Inductees

Class of 2017:  Sylvaine Bucher, Shriya Nadgauda and Avi Bhullar

Class of 2018: Sahej Claire, Zihao Sui and Smita Sikaria



Country Day Scholar-Athlete Awards

Freshmen Bri Davies and Jackson Crawford

Sophomores Heidi Johnson, Jack Christian and Joe Zales

Juniors Amalie Fackenthal and Reggie Fan

Seniors Avi Bhullar and Emil Erickson


CIF Dale Lacky Scholarship Award: Senior Emil Erickson


Sports Boosters Club Awards: Seniors Alexa Mathisen and Aidan Cunningham


The sophomores received the following honors.

Sophomore Project Presentation Awards

1st place: Allison Zhang

2nd place: Joe Zales

3rd place: Chardonnay Needler


Sacramento County History Day Awards: Joe Mo, Alex Rogawski and Allison Zhang

By Annya Dahmani



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