Orchestra to perform in spring concert all on its own

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Felecia Keys directs juniors Amalie Fackenthal, Carlos Nunez, Yasmin Gupta and Lily Brown in “Danza.”

The middle- and high-school orchestras are getting ready for their annual spring concert on Tuesday, April 25, at 7 p.m. in the MP room.

They will perform three songs: “The Chronicles of Narnia” by Harry Gregson-Williams, “Danza” by Vaclav Nelhybel, and “Brook Green Suite” by Gustav Holst.

Junior Lily Brown (second chair, first violin) said she likes all of these pieces, but her favorite, “The Chronicles of Narnia,” is also the most difficult.

“Most of the songs we play are not super difficult, so it’s good to have a challenge,” Brown said.

Senior Anny Schmidt (first chair viola) also enjoys this piece the most.

“I love all the different rhythms and solos in the piece (and) hearing it all come together,” Schmidt said.

According to orchestra director Felecia Keys, they have been practicing “Danza” and “Brook Green Suite” since their Dec. 15 winter concert.  They began practicing “Narnia,” about five weeks ago.

(Photo by Monet Cook)
Clockwise from bottom: Freshman Emma Boersma, sophomore Kyra LaFitte, eighth grader Erin Wilson and senior Anny Schmidt rehearse “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

Even so, Keys said that the group is very prepared.

Keys also explained why she enjoys the pieces they are performing.

“‘Danza’ and ‘Narnia’ both feature soloists, (which) sound really good,” Keys said.

Brown, Schmidt and junior Amalie Fackenthal (violin, concert mistress) are soloing.

Schmidt said that she is only slightly nervous for her solo.

Keys said that this concert is different from previous spring concerts because the band is not performing with them, and she is pleased with this change.

“In our own concert, we get to do whatever we want,” Keys said. “We don’t have to compromise.”

Schmidt said that she wishes they were performing together, but only because she feels sad about not getting to hear the band.

By Anna Frankel

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