For those who grumble about high-school morning meetings a new school policy just made Friday mornings a whole lot better!

Instead of attending the usual morning meetings, students can now relax, eat a snack and talk to friends during their 20-minute break on Fridays, beginning on April 14.  

For many years, students have had three all-high-school meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (as well as a class meeting on Tuesdays and an advisory meeting on Thursdays).

Though this system ensures Student Council, advisers, and anyone else who needs to make an announcement enough time to discuss and announce important events with students, it leaves little free time.

“It seemed we could be more efficient with our time during morning breaks,” Brooke Wells, head of high school, said.

“Most of the (Friday) meetings lasted 20 minutes, which students felt was very long.”

It was the advisees of physics teacher Glenn Mangold who initiated the change, according to Wells. They said the morning meetings lasted too long and occurred too often.

So Wells brought the issue to the attention of the faculty.

“We decided that if we got rid of one meeting a week, students could have a true break,” Wells said. “And Friday seemed like a good time for students to have some free time.”

By Héloïse Schep

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