Judges announce top three sophomore projects at morning meeting (video included)

On April 19, sophomore project judges Glenn Mangold, Jane Bauman, Annya Dahmani and Kevin Huang announced the top three winners of the sophomore project competition, following the top-10’s presentations in front of the high school on April 17 and 18.

Third place went to Chardonnay Needler (“Spelling Out China’s Literacy Problem — and Their Solution”); Joe Zales placed second (“The Life and Controversies of Jorge Mario Bergoglio”)’ and Allison Zhang (“The Ethical Dilemma of Treating Jehovah’s Witnesses”) came in first.

“It was really unexpected because all of the top-10 (presentations) were really good,” Zhang said. “I had no idea that I would win.”

Zhang and Zales will present in the Matthews Library at Open House on Thursday, April 20, and to the Board of Trustees next month.

By Sonja Hansen

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