Harry Potter club members assemble Chocolate Frog cards at first meeting

Héloïse Schep
Club adviser Joanne Melinson, senior club founder Anny Schmidt, senior Shriya Nadgauda and freshman Rebecca Waterson organize Chocolate Frog cards in their club’s first activity.

Wizards and witches rejoice! The Harry Potter club held its first meeting on Feb. 13 in the Room of Requirement.

Senior Anny Schmidt started the club because of her love for the book series.

“I (have) wanted to start this club since sophomore year, but I was too busy during sophomore and junior year,” Schmidt said.

But now that she has finished her college applications, Schmidt has started the club with the help of the club adviser, librarian Joanne Melinson.

During the club’s first meeting, each student received an acceptance letter to Hogwarts and a Harry Potter-themed valentine featuring a Harry Potter pun.

Snacks included cookies and brownies, and the tables were adorned with Harry Potter books.

Club members also started their first project: turning yearbook pictures of teachers into Chocolate Frog cards. Chocolate Frogs are a popular snack in the Harry Potter world that consist of frog-shaped chocolates and include a card with a famous witch or wizard.

Héloïse Schep
A display of Harry Potter books surrounds some treats.

Lastly, they brainstormed ideas for possible decorations for the Room of Requirement, such as paper wands or a recreation of the wall leading to Platform 9 ¾.

Some students who attended the club’s first meeting said they enjoyed it.

“The Harry Potter club is really fun, especially the crafting,” freshman Shimin Zhang said.

Sophomore Bella Mathisen agreed.

“I thought the club was a little small, but I liked the idea overall.”

Unlike some other clubs at SCDS, the Harry Potter club does not have any official members. Instead, students are welcome to join a meeting whenever they want.

The club will hold meetings every month. The next one will be in mid-March.

By Héloïse Schep

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