Drawing teacher displays portfolio in Sac Open Studio Tour (slideshow included)

On Sept. 10-11 and 17-18,  Andy Cunningham, middle- and high-school drawing teacher. and Julie Didion, high-school ceramics teacher, participated in the annual Sac Open Studios Tours, a free, self-guided tour of local artists’ studios.

Cunningham said that he calls himself a “non-objective abstractionist,” who is influenced by Northern California.

“It’s strange looking back at these pieces and putting words to them,” Cunningham said.

“Sometimes I feel scientific, investigating, experimenting, learning from my errors. And other times I feel like a hiker on a trail in search of a hike, a vista, some exercise and fresh air, stumbling with my head down, plodding on down paths that may or may not lead to some beautiful spot.

“Both journeys are equally valid and need each other to exist – part scientist, part whimsical wanderer.”

On Sept. 18, seniors Kevin Huang and Jesus Galindo visited Cunningham’s studio (4094 C St.). All photos were taken by Huang.

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