Jon Cormier, director of advancement, is returning to the Northeast with his family in July following the end of the fiscal year.

Director of advancement Jon Cormier headed to New Hampshire with his family

Jon Cormier, the director of advancement, is moving to Hanover, New Hampshire, in July with his family.

Q: When did you decide to return to the Northeast?

A: After we had our baby in October, despite how great and supportive this community is, the lack of family nearby and being so far from our roots was more challenging than we’d imagined. 

We didn’t anticipate (the job) being a one-year thing, but we are grateful for the time and experience here. The Country Day community and its students is a great cause for which to work, and we made good progress this year thanks to many hands making light work.

Our ultimate decision to head back east came shortly after Spring Break, after my wife, Katie, got a terrific job opportunity.  

Q: How do you feel about moving twice within a year?

A: That’s a lot of moving, but everything happens for a reason. Do we regret coming out here for just a year?

Absolutely not. We are so glad we got exposure to this community.

We’ve made many lifelong friends.

Q: Why Hanover?

A: My wife got a job as a guidance counselor at a great school in Norwich, Vermont, which is right across the river from Hanover.

We (are) pleased about anchoring ourselves in that community because I know it so well, having grown up through seventh grade in that area. 

With this move being a short tenure, we really wanted to ensure that our next stop would be to a place we know well because we are at a stage where we need to settle and grow roots for our family.

The Upper Valley is a sure thing because we’re familiar with it and we love it.

Q: Do you have family nearby?

A: My parents are in Hanover part time, and so having them to help with the grandkids will be great.

Not to mention, I’ll be able to support a fellow SCDS family member (senior) Colby Conner (who will attend Dartmouth next year).  Although I only have one year of SCDS under our belts, we’ll be there for him if he needs anything (or to complain about the cold weather at certain times of the year). 

Q: Do you have a house already?

A: We have a rental that we’re honing in on.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: I will be looking for a job in educational fundraising, because that’s my passion.

There are limits to what’s available in Northern New England, so I might have to put on my liberal arts education hat and test out some new skills. There are some compelling opportunities related to education.

Q: Has anything been unusual about this year?

A: Just that it was a year of transition for me and my family: a new job, city, state, coast and – most importantly – baby!

Here at school, in addition to the normal, year-in and year-out development work, we’ve been working to make this a good last year for Steve Repsher. It has been an honor to partner with people in this community in making this a great last year for Steve.

We’re working on celebrations as well as some fundraising around Steve’s departure.

It’s been really gratifying because in the time that I’ve been here and gotten a lay of the land, I’ve been able to see how good of a person he is and how much the school has developed over the course of his 13-year tenure.

Q: What will you miss most about Country Day?

A:  The people.  I think it’s really just the collective warmth of this place.

That said, I network big time. I think life is largely about relationships and connecting with others and sharing with others, so I plan on keeping in touch.

I look forward to checking in and hearing about the success going forward with our current team and with (new headmaster) Lee (Thomsen). Lee’s going to be really good.

Q: Anything you won’t miss?

A: I won’t miss the sun from whenever it gets to 90-plus degrees. The heat was definitely an adjustment. But I will miss the beautiful weather here in March and April when back east I’ll be shoveling snow and freezing.

—By Zoë Bowlus

Learn more about Cormier here.

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