Breakthrough one of many organizations affected by website malfunction on Big Day of Giving

Breakthrough Sacramento’s Big Day of Giving event came to an abrupt halt late Tuesday morning when Kimbia, the company handling the website, experienced a malfunction.

According to a Sacramento Bee article, the city-wide problem was due to incorrect implementation of new features.

Breakthrough director Adolfo Mercado said that although the snafu wouldn’t impact the coming summer, as planning has been in place for over a year, the annual event has been a crucial part of Breakthrough’s fundraising.

“This is the only time that students and alumni are asked to donate to Breakthrough, so there are crucial stakeholders for whom this is the only time they are asked to donate,” Mercado said.

“More importantly, given the recent reductions in cash support from SCDS for Breakthrough, showing engagement from the larger community is a very important message to show that the 23 years of commitment from SCDS for Breakthrough is appreciated and reciprocated.”

In the midst of the technology glitch, director of technology Tom Wroten added a donation portal on the Breakthrough website, providing a working avenue for donors.

Breakthrough was one of more than 500 non-profit organizations in Sacramento that were affected. Beyond Sacramento, the outage wreaked havoc in cities from New York to Houston.

—By Manson Tung

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