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Sandy Lyon, head of middle school, will lead a group of freshmen and their parents to Berlin, Prague, Kraków, Budapest and Vienna. They will visit Prague Castle on Tuesday, March 29.

With the recent terrorist attack in Brussels, and the bombing in Paris in November 2015, some freshmen are concerned about the school-organized spring trip to Europe, March 25-April 5.

A group of students and parents led by Sandy Lyon, head of the middle school, will travel to Berlin, Prague, Kraków, Budapest and Vienna.

They return on Tuesday, April 5.

Freshmen Luca Procida, Josh Friedman, Blake Lincoln, Ethan Hockridge and their mothers are going, as well as freshman Jack Christian.

Lyon, her cousin, and Rudi Rose, SCDS human resources and payroll manager, are joining them on the trip, which was organized by EF Educational Tours.

Friedman said he and and his mother are slightly concerned, but aren’t changing any of their plans.

“Berlin would probably be the next major city to be targeted, but thankfully we are only there for a few days,” Friedman said.

“We aren’t going to Belgium, France, or anywhere near the recent attacks, so I’m not too worried.”

However, Lincoln said he is nervous, and has been given detailed instructions by his father.

“There is a lot of radical Islamic terror going on right now, and my dad wants me to skip all the trip functions on Easter Sunday,” Lincoln said.

“I’m not allowed to go near any fancy churches or big crowds. I’m basically going to be staying in the hotel room.”

On the other hand, Christian said he isn’t worried about the trip at all.

“It’s the safest time to go,” he said.  “The security is much tighter now because it’s right after the Brussels attack.”

Lincoln said he and Christian have registered with the U.S. embassies in the countries they are going to.

They have told the embassies where they are going on which days, so the embassies have their information in case of an emergency.

—By Allison Zhang

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